App State Sex Victim: Before I Could Get Up They Were On Me

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Published on April 06, 2012 with 1 Comment

Appalachian State Sex VictimAppalachian State University has found four students guilty of sexual misconduct that was perpetrated on another ASU student after an off-campus frat party that ended at 2am.

The student victim lost track of her male friend who brought her to the party and accepted a ride back to campus from a group of five men and four women in a SUV. After dropping the other women off, the men drove her to a secluded apartment. She said she felt apprehensive but knew four of the men and thought she could trust them. The one man whom she didn’t know, an ASU football player, made a gesture toward her to join him in the bedroom. She ignored his advances and he left her alone. Or so she thought.

When one of the men whom she trusted made a suggestion that she rest in the bedroom, she accepted and the man she had rejected was in there waiting for her..

“Before I could get up they were on me,” she said. “I was frozen in fear. I couldn’t talk. I felt my body and soul kind of separate, and I watched myself go through it. I felt like I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t know what they would have done.”

While three men groped her, the football player whom she had rejected earlier raped her.

“Going into that room, I wasn’t expecting to have sex with any of them,” she said. “I was expecting to go to sleep. I would have never chosen to have sex with any of them. I didn’t have a choice.”

After she was raped, she left the room and was raped again in a separate room by another ASU football player.

Three of the four men were ASU football players.

When she got home, she told friends what happened to her but was too ashamed to report the crimes. A few months later she filed a complaint with the Watauga County Sheriff’s office after learning another student had named two of the men in a separate rape. The sheriff’s office collected saliva for DNA testing from two of the men accused of raping her but neither of the men have been charged.

ASU found the four men guilty and suspended them from campus for eight semesters, the minimum sanction for sex offenses delineated in the Code of Student Conduct.

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  1. Whoever wrote this is a moron. DELETE THIS NOW.

    Poorly written, incorrect facts, missed the controversy, described the situation in a less than sympathetic manner. No one appreciates this article; no one can appreciate it because there are no facts about the issue included – only detailed, cold, pointless descriptions of rape. Where is the part where the victims were denied justice?
    There was no consent given to use this picture.
    This is NOT how you approach this situation.

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