Guilford College Students Explore Campus Nudity Zone

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Published on February 13, 2012 with 3 Comments

Guilford College students met in an open forum sponsored by the Community Senate to express their feelings on adding a nudity zone to the idyllic Greensboro, NC campus.

North Carolina law prohibits nudity in public except in areas specifically designated. Presumably, an area designated with the blessing of the Guilford College administration would conform to the state’s statute.

The Guilfordian reported that there were students who spoke against and students who spoke in favor of the campus nudist initiative.

The issue is expected to be raised again in a future meeting.


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  1. A nude zone is a great idea. Better still would be to attend class naked but not just a few but everyone in class naked. To come to class naked from my dorm would be better yet.

  2. RIDICULOUS! I thought people went to college for an education……an ACADEMIC education. I can’t believe this would even be considered.

    • Aww, a conservative religious loser who’s been brainwashed to be afraid of her own anatomy? Grow up you pathetic piece of human garbage.

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