Top 5 Party Schools In North Carolina

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Published on October 28, 2011 with 57 Comments

Qualifying as a top party school has little to nothing to do with large student population numbers. Ginormous bequeathments from big time generous alumni can’t buy a school a ranking on the prestigious Collegiate Standard list – generally. Making the cut is about demonstrating proportional excellence. Intensity. Yes, frequency is an element. Esprit de corps. Lot of intangibles. It’s a complex enterprise accurately formulating the college party index. Collegiate Standard ventured outside North Carolina and employed the US government’s Cray Jaguar Supercomputer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee to help calculate the results.

1) Appalachian State University - App State sophomore Nursing major Jill Stoutmire owns the Princeton Review record for performing an extended simultaneous mega bong/keg stand and nailing them with a double-roundoff dismount. Stoutmire’s awesome routine earned App State a whopping 120 points!

But what actually destroyed the party algorithm processed by the Cray Jaq and put App State over the top was that impromptu party thrown down by the mountaineers when the news broke that bin Laden had been killed.

Hey, check it out, when students use a national security news story as an excuse to bail their dorms en masse at midnight and storm the chancellor’s house like inmates loose at the North Carolina Correctional Institute, and then go dunk themselves in a frickin’ near freezing duck pond, it doesn’t take a supercomputer to figure out these mountaineers are animals at the next level. Well done ASU.

2) UNC Wilmington

3) Warren Wilson College

4) NC State University

5) East Carolina University

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  1. thats bull shit

  2. NC State ahead of ECU? Uh… ok then.

  3. Be serious. I go to ASU, but everyone knows ECU parties like no other. The party scene is okay, but doesn’t compare to the bigger pubic unis in NC. We probably smoke the most weed by mass, but warren wilson smokes more per capita

  4. How is ECU last on the list when it was named number 5 nationally?

  5. No real party school doesnt have a real D-1 football team

  6. If you think that the bin Laden party was awesome, you should have seen what happened when we beat Michigan in 2007!

  7. uhmm.. Why the hell is UNC Wilmington and this Warren Wilson College higher ranked than East Carolina. I understand that App State and NC State are strong competitors in this ranking but seriously.We go hard. Win or lose, Pirates always booze! You can’t spell PARTIES without PIRATES!


    • Because people have lost interest in ECU due to it’s high crime, nasty people, and unfriendly encounters. I went to Wilmington and everyone’s super chill and down to have a good time…don’t know much about the other school though. Hate to break it to ya. Times are changin

  8. Are you serious?! Warren Wilson College? I’ve never even heard of it. UNC-CHAPEL HILL! Should be #1

  9. Retarded. Go to a DKor Beta party at UNC or a party at ECU and they will put the other schools to shame.

  10. I am astonished that Western Carolina isn’t on this list. WCU has nothing but mountains. All people do there is party nonstop, drink and have alot of sex. Honestly, I am proud that WCU isn’t on this list but actually quite astonished.

    I am also confused at why ECU is at number 5 because I thought it was on Playboy’s List of top party schools. Apparently Playboy and Collegiate Standard have different criteria. HEHE!

  11. With out a doubt written by an Appalachian state alumni or student….. Or just someone bad at writing articles with little to no research.

  12. I strongly disagree with this. I am a pirate and we party way harder than those broke back mountain queers!

  13. This is a total lie. No way is ECU number 5. Greenville “parties” harder then anyone else! GO PIRATES!

  14. Ginormous is not a word.

  15. thats total bullshit. how did app state make the list at all.

  16. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. ECU should be higher up. Wilmington is the only one that deserves its spot. And where is UNC? With a list like this you might as well put Duke as number one.

    Also… sorry if I’m pissing the 6 people in the state that have ever heard about Warren Wilson…

  17. i seriously doubt the validity of that article. i’m an asu student and we go to a school that hardly embraces greek life, live in a town that tries to ruin the nightlife, and have administrators that banned several tailgating games. ecu is one of the frattiest schools in the nc-school system with an awesome downtown bar scene. when considering partying with mary jane, coke, hallucinogens, xanax, and what not. yeah… we may have the competitive edge to drug use, but then you consider warren wilson…

  18. Are you kidding me ? East Carolina is definitely one.. no way app state is one…and nc state. I lived in raleigh for 10 years. State parties are lame and way too far from down town

  19. I think this is backwards! ECU is def the number one party school

  20. There is no way this is accurate

  21. Oh so because App State throws one party on one day out of the entire year they are number 1? The rest of the time they are too high to function. Interesting logic…

  22. Best school all around in north Carolina or the south. Everyone’s a family at app state!

  23. We don’t even have a football team and we came in second.

  24. ecu largest std school also dirty dirty

  25. whoever designed this has no idea wtf is going on in North Carolina, with the exception of warren wilson college, I’ve had the privilege of partying at all of these schools. Being a party school is not about throwing impromptu parties it’s about consistency and knowing that no matter what time of year you visit there is a likelihood that you might not make it out of the night in one piece.Enough of my rambling here are the true rankings.


    unfortunately I can’t say much for the other schools because it seems that they only party hardy on occasion(e.g holidays).And these are in no particular order besides the first one.So, there ya go.True list.ENJOY!

  26. I’m a uncw undergrad, im fine with the #2 but for fucks sake app is #1? What an insult try dead last….ECU maybe?

  27. This is so far from the truth it is not even funny….

  28. So App may be a good party school, but good luck getting into graduate school or finding a decent job.

    • Um… App state has been awarded many awards for its top academics. It’s a great school considering its public. It has higher average gpa’s than most schools on this list so get your facts straight lol. I’m going to app state to be a doctor lol so yea. And as far as parties? Ecu takes the cake by far. Sorry. But app state has some pretty fun times. Even though the town hates it we’re college kids. We’re gonna party.


  30. GO APPS!!! I’ve never been so proud to be a Mountaineering alum!… Except maybe when we carried the goal post through town and to Peacock’s house after beating Michigan! Good times in Boone. :)

  31. where is appalachian state university?

  32. Osama is killed, party at the chancellor’s house. makes sense to me.

  33. This list is completely wrong. Are you even from North Carolina? ECU is and will always be the quintessential party school of North Carolina. Sure App is up there too, but UNCW? Sure it has a beach, but the parties there are no more frequent nor intense than at any university in America. And what the fuck is Warren Wilson University? Are you serious?

  34. NC State is more of a party school than ECU? Whoever compiled this list is not clearly putting thoughts together. Not only whould ECU be higher than NCSU, but Chapel Hill is just as much if not more of a party school than State.

  35. I have lived in North Carolina my entire life and this list is absolutely wrong. I have been to all of these schools on the weekend to party except Warren Wilson, which I have never even heard of. To fix the list, I would turn it upside down and then put Warren Wilson in last (but what do I know…I’m sure whoever made this goes to Appalachian).

  36. You are high. Storming the chancellors house doesn’t make you a party animal it makes you stupid along with everyone who thought jumping in creeks is cool. Ecu is the only school in the state with drunk buses and penny liquor (thank you rehab lounge) on Thursday nights. Penny beer is on tuesdays and the only thing getting as cool as those hippies in the snow is the beer in the12 keg Riverwalk party every year on reading days. You can’t spell parties with out pirates and you can’t rank the # 5 party school in the nation (2010 playboy top party schools) and rank them number 5 in their own state. Behind Warren Wilson? Who the heck is that? Last time I checked no one went to any of those slap colleges for Halloween its either ecu or chapel hill. No brainer you screwed this one up. Oh did I say we have buses that run till 3am taking us to the bars? Enough said.

  37. Bogus. I partied my way right to a 3.9 GPA and a good paying job at ASU. Western Carolina is where the (losers) partiers are.

  38. ECU my ass. Way overrated.

  39. if partying consists of waiting in line to get in or get a drink downtown then ecu takes the cake, but as far as actual parties go id put app up against anybody, and yes gameday in greeneville is nuts but if youve never been to an app tailgate you should check one out its a hell of a time

  40. If this list ranked schools in order of murders on/near campus or number of sluts, then yes, ECU would be #1 by a landslide. Good luck getting a job with a degree from a glorified community college.

  41. ASU knows how to get down b/c they’re in the middle of no where and have HUGE ragers. Wilmington has the HOTTEST female student body I’ve ever seen plus awesome parties and bars. Don’t know much about the other two, but ECU…they just don’t know how to party without going overboard. There’s ALWAYS a fight wtf?

  42. You know what really pisses me off? Everybody always makes these jokes about how bad ass Chuck Norris is… like if he really was as bad ass as every one says then he would come here right now and start banging my head against the key boaskaljfdak o;sdj fl;adfjl;ajsflk ;asjfkdsajfklajfkljdsflkajsdflkjasdklfjasdfas fklsadjf oiajfajkl asls;jfewitourtuptj

  43. warren wilson is a piece of shit school

  44. ECU should be first, never heard of warren wilson.
    UNC should be on the list.
    But yes, Appalachian fucking rages.

  45. I am a grad of Warren Wilson, located just east of Asheville, NC. It is a very small school and yes, we had our share of parties. However, I don’t see how they can even hold a candle to the big universities!!! Please stop putting WWC down as a school unless you have first hand experience. I don’t think anyone who has commented even knows where it is, much less what kind of school it is. Every student there, in addition to classes, is required to work 15 hours a week on campus and complete 100 hours of community service their senior year. It is a great place, but it is not for everyone. Proud to be a Warren Wilson College alum!!!! (The staff and students are committed to the Triad of Academics, Work, and Service)

  46. HELL YEAH ASU!!!!!!!

  47. Eat my asshole
    4)NC State
    5)App State

    All these schools are great party schools, NC State would be higher but you have to no ppl in greek life if you really want to party hard. I’ve learned in NC for 15 years and have never heard of Warren Wilson College. Shout out to UNCC for being close to being on the list.

    • UNC should for sure be at the top of this list, maybe behind ECU. We are the only school in the state that has a really legitimate greek life scene. Any average party at DKE, Phi Delt, Chi Phi, or Beta is significantly better than the biggest party at App, UNCW, NC State, or Warren Wilson. Plus Franklin St on the Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is always hoppin’. And if you want to talk about awesome face numbing drugs….only Warren Wilson has us beat. Seriously though, whoever wrote this article does not know what they are talking about.

  48. You are stupid, you could not have been anymore wrong. We kill the fire at ecu.. Bellamy Boys

  49. To see where these 5 schools rank against the other school in the nation check out this list of the top 100 party schools in the nation:

  50. all of you people dissing Warren Wilson can suck it. Wilson is the best school ever. You got nothing on us.

  51. listen, all of these schools belong in the top 5 for sure, but i can see how they would be interchangable with one another. I have partied at most of these colleges (not WWC), but app definitely rages, UNCW has awesome bars and ECU and UNC have great parties. app would definitely be at number one for me though.

  52. What! Where’s Campbell on this list!

  53. App and the rest of the other schools may have crazy ass ragers but if you’re looking to have a chill ass time and gettin drunk by a bonfire come on over to WCU we’ll show ya how to do it right

  54. UNCW. BEACH, BEER, BASKETBALL, BARELY THERE BIKINIS. Maybe it’s just me but tanned coed asses on the beach beat parkas in the snow every time. Oh, did I mention 3 to 1 ratio of female to male. That’s 10,800 chicks with minimum tan lines. THREE FOR ME!!!

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