Mission Statement

Throughout the Collegiate Standard’s 40-plus-year history, it has been our responsibility to provide the collegiate community with up-to-date and accurate news coverage. But as the primary purveyors of campus news, we can offer more than just the facts. Our editorial copy takes things one step further by offering analysis on issues pertinent to the collegiate community. As the voice of the title, we aim to begin and progress important on-campus and off-campus conversations critical and of interest to the Carolinas in an effort to engage readers in these vital and sometimes contentious issues. We invite members of the participating student bodies to continue the conversations about these pertinent issues by contacting us and writing letters to the editor.

2022/2023 Editors

Editor-in-Chief – Wayne Cooper wcooper@collegiatestandard.com

Digital Managing Editor – Bruce Allan ballan@collegiatestandard.com

News Editor – Kelley Slade kslade@collegiatestandard.com

Top Ten Editor – Alys Williams awilliams@collegiatestandard.com

Lifestyle Editor – Alys Williams awilliams@collegiatestandard.com

Arts Editor – Vonetta Johnson vjohnson@collegiatestandard.com

Research Editor – Ed Davis edavis@collegiatestandard.com

Sports Editor – Richard Glover rglover@collegiatestandard.com