10 Best Education Programs In The Carolinas

A teacher must first be a student, and graduate education program rankings can help you find the right classroom. There are many jobs graduates of teacher education programs can pursue. Many graduates find teaching jobs instructing students of various ages. Likewise, graduates can find jobs coaching at schools or for youth recreation leagues. Many teaching education graduates eventually become superintendents, principals, and school administrators. They also work in day care centers and youth camps. No matter the job a teacher education graduate lands, educators and school administrators play a vital role in society and the lives of young students.

1. Duke University—NC

2. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill—NC

3. Bob Jones University—SC

4. Clemson University—SC

5. Wake Forest University—NC

6. North Carolina State University—NC

7. University of South Carolina—SC

8. Furman University—SC

9. Anderson University—SC

10. Appalachian State University—NC