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Belmont Abbey College Alumna Drives Committee To Endow Legacy Scholarship

In a spirited initiative, Sarah Mukerji ’83, alongside a dedicated group of alumni, has spearheaded the creation of a committee to organize a festive NYC Christmas fundraiser. The primary objective behind this joyful endeavor is to establish and endow the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, a testament to their commitment to fostering a lasting impact on the alma mater.

The seeds of inspiration for this venture were planted in 2014 when Sarah, prompted by the departure of her youngest daughter to college, decided to volunteer her time as a member of the Belmont Abbey Alumni network. Reflecting on her upbringing, she remarked, “I was always taught to give back and help others,” a guiding principle that has since evolved into a tradition of active generosity and vibrant fellowship.

Sarah’s involvement took a more tangible form during the 2014-2015 campaign, where she contributed to engaging alumni families and cultivating donors. Seeking additional avenues for community participation, Sarah, along with fellow alumnus Jack Calaman ’72, organized her inaugural Christmas party and fundraising event in December 2017 at the Harvard Club NYC, where her husband Rana had recently become a member.

Furthering her commitment, Sarah joined the Alumni Board in March 2018. Within the board, she collaborated with alumni such as Donna Kemp ’83, Roma (Dudko) Grogan ’83, A. M. Stevens ’00, and Joe Reeves on a fundraising committee. Their mission extended beyond monetary goals, encompassing the initiation of a “philosophy of change,” challenging the broader alumni community to actively participate in Abbey life. Building on the success of the previous year’s Christmas party, they organized a subsequent event on the Harvard Club’s rooftop bar, raising substantial funds toward a Presidential Scholarship.

Despite the interruption caused by the pandemic, Sarah Mukerji and her dedicated committee of fellow alumni remain resolute in their determination to cultivate a sense of fellowship and involvement that contributes to Belmont Abbey’s future. In alignment with Benedictine principles of hospitality and community participation, they are gearing up for their most ambitious event to date—a Christmas party fundraiser aimed at establishing and endowing the Alumni Legacy Scholarship. Through their contributions to this endowment, they aim to directly benefit generations of students, making not only an institution or a student body secure but also nurturing a thriving community centered on the excellence, virtue, love, and stability inherent in an Abbey education.

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