Civil Rights Icon Says Central Piedmont Community College Is Transformative And A “Very Important Place”

Former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt took the stage at Central Piedmont’s Halton Theater today, to serve as a panelist during its EDI event titled, “A Story of Perseverance in Driving Change.” Mr. Gantt was Charlotte’s first African-American mayor and the first African-American student enrolled at Clemson University.

“Central Piedmont is a very special place. This institution – at its most critical level – allows folks from all circumstances in life to get on a ladder of mobility upward,” explained Gantt. “I like the word ‘transformation.’ Central Piedmont makes a difference in the things that students can do. It puts individuals on a ladder, that can be built as high as they want it … and that’s why the college is a very important place. I’ve tried over the years to understand its value to the community and to be as supportive of it whenever I can.”