Clemson University Student Develops Group-Mentoring Program For BIPOC Youth To Overcome Racial Trauma

Clemson University student Anitra Alexander has teamed up with Momentum Bike Clubs “to pull together other experts on race and social justice at the University, including researchers at the REYSE Collaboratory, to develop Artistically Reshaping Trauma (ART)+Circles, a group-mentoring program designed to build community and help BIPOC ( Black, Indigenous, People Of Color) youth overcome racial trauma, find their voices and increase their understanding of their capacity to enact social change. “

“We really started seeing differences in opinion when we started discussing the George Floyd trial, but it was amazing to see how even though they saw it differently, they were able to dialogue about it in such a positive and constructive way,” Alexander said. “You could see light bulbs go off in some of the participants where they would say they had never thought about it from that perspective.”