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JWU’s Future Food All-Stars Take The Sustainability Challenge

Johnson & Wales University’s Future Food All-Stars Challenge is an annual food entrepreneurship pitch competition that puts its students’ culinary expertise and entrepreneurship to the test. Now in its second year, the semester-long competition was hosted by the university’s Larry Friedman Center for Entrepreneurship, College of Food Innovation & Technology (CFIT), and JWU’s 2022 Food Entrepreneur in Residence, Lorena Garcia ’00, ’14 Hon.

This year, all 3 finalist teams made sustainability a major theme of their pitches — dovetailing neatly with what CFIT Dean Jason Evans, Ph.D., summed up as the university’s overarching goal: “What we do is try to set these students up with tools to change the world. And the great thing about this generation is that they legitimately believe that they can, and more importantly, legitimately believe that they should.”

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