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Successful Pfeiffer University Program Invests In Faculty Teaching Development

A pilot program designed to enhance the teaching skills of professors in Pfeiffer University’s undergraduate and graduate programs has been so successful that it will continue indefinitely, its chief organizers say. 

The program, which confers a Pfeiffer Faculty Teaching Certificate (PFTC), offers monthly workshops, each on a different topic. Workshop topics include everything from teaching strategies to overcoming bias in the classroom.

Since 2022, two cohorts of 15 professors each have participated in PFTC training sessions. Another cohort will run from January through June 2024, with the faculty in that group meeting once per month for a total of six workshops.

“We are a teaching institution,” said Dr. Dawn Lucas, Pfeiffer’s Dean of the Undergraduate College and Department Chair for Education. “So, placing an emphasis on and investing in faculty development as it relates to teaching is a priority. To me, the PFTC program is a no-brainer, and it likely sets Pfeiffer apart from many of its peer institutions.”

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