UNC Greensboro Pantry Receives Donations From Early Childhood Center

Two vans from the Early Childhood Center of Greensboro rolled up to UNC Greensboro’s Spartan Open Pantry and delivered boxes filled with canned food and dry goods – items gathered by the children and their families. “We usually do some kind of community give-back project during the holidays with our families,” said Meredith Kasten, director of the Early Childhood Center.

And the need is very real, said Andrew Mails, executive director of the Spartan Open Pantry. “In the time before COVID-19, we were a large food pantry when we were distributing 300 or 400 pounds of food per week,” Mails said. “Now we give out 1,000 pounds per week, and I don’t think that bell is going to un-ring for a long time.”