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Central Piedmont Partners With Perkins Special Populations Support

The Perkins Special Populations Support program has partnered with the Central Piedmont Community College Healthcare and Business departments to offer a free support class. The class is designed to give skills and content support to English Language Learners (ELL) and other particular population curriculum students beginning their academic journeys through their enrollment in MED 121 or BUS 110.

We provide students with the guidance, practice, and support needed to help create a strong foundation in study strategies, note-taking suggestions, academic support, extra review of content, and more. We have both in-person and virtual classes to support student needs. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to refer a student to our services, please email Judith Roman (judith.roman@cpcc.edu) for more information.

Perkins levels the playing field for nine special populations within our state and nation. Those special populations include individuals with disabilities, individuals from economically disadvantaged families, individuals preparing for nontraditional fields, single parents, out-of-workforce individuals, English language learners, individuals experiencing homelessness, youth within the foster care system, and child with a parent who is a member of the armed forces or is on active duty within the military.

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