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Charlotte Air Force ROTC Seeks Support From Community For Dining Out Ceremony

At UNC Charlotte, a remarkable program, Air Force ROTC Detachment 592, stands as a bridge between the college experience and a future filled with leadership and service. These cadets, first and foremost, are dedicated students, relentlessly pursuing academic excellence. However, their journey extends beyond the classroom, as they engage in classes and training sessions, refining their aptitude for leadership and management. The ultimate reward for their commitment? A commission as a Second Lieutenant in the esteemed US Air Force or US Space Force upon graduation.

Riley Nicholson, a senior business major, shares the profound motivation that led them to this path: “I knew I wanted to serve in the military to carry on generations of family service. I was going to enlist, then decided I needed to get my degree, so I applied to UNC Charlotte and joined Air Force ROTC.”

Currently, the detachment is rallying the support of their community through a crowdfunding initiative, aiming to host a Dining Out Ceremony. This grand formal banquet, where cadets don their dress uniforms, serves as a platform to honor and acknowledge their remarkable accomplishments. Cadets have the opportunity to earn scholarships from national organizations, along with ribbons and medals for their outstanding performance. The Dining Out Ceremony mirrors active-duty Dining Out banquets, providing cadets a glimpse into the life of an officer in the Big Blue.

Jessica Jerby, a senior majoring in international studies and minoring in aerospace studies, underscores the importance of community support, stating, “Our crowdfunding project is one way for us to gather resources and support from our community. Dining In is a time when cadets, officers, family, and friends come together to celebrate our achievements throughout the year. It fosters camaraderie between Air Force officers and future Air and Space Force Officers.”

Detachment 592 consistently ranks among the top third of Air Force ROTC Detachments nationally, a testament to their commitment to excellence. They engage in numerous events both on campus and in the community, including hosting an annual JROTC drill competition, a shadow day for high school students, an officer career day, and an enlisted career day. Additionally, they actively participate in the campus Adopt-A-Spot program and volunteer at the Carolina Renaissance Festival.

Ni Ni Par, a sophomore majoring in accounting, encapsulates the essence of this transformative experience: “Air Force ROTC has enhanced my UNC Charlotte experience by allowing me to make lifelong connections and by giving me many opportunities to help me succeed.”

The funds garnered from Detachment 592’s crowdfunding campaign will be allocated to catering, award presentations, and subsidizing tickets for the Dining Out Ceremony, ensuring that UNC Charlotte’s cadets can partake without financial burden.

Editor’s Note: To support Air Force ROTC Detachment 592 and contribute to their crowdfunding initiative, please visit their website today. Your generosity will help shape the future leaders of the US Air Force and US Space Force.

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