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Charlotte Director Amy Wartham Earns Governor’s Award For Excellence

In a remarkable recognition of her unwavering commitment to the people of North Carolina, Amy Wartham, the luminary director of corporate and custom training, recently earned the prestigious Governor’s Award for Excellence in the realm of human relations. This distinguished accolade stands as the highest honor attainable for a state employee who has devoted their heart and soul to the well-being of the Tar Heel State and its cherished inhabitants.

Within her formidable role, Wartham spearheads a dedicated team that caters to the unique training needs of businesses and organizations, operating under the aegis of the School of Professional Studies. Over her impressive 23-year tenure at UNC Charlotte, she has illuminated her path with exceptional leadership and bestowed a wealth of contributions upon the university. Through her indefatigable efforts, she has augmented the university’s prestige by forging alliances with some of Charlotte’s most prominent organizations.

Wartham’s indelible mark is etched in the creation of the university’s trailblazing webinar series, specifically designed for Charlotte’s workforce. This interactive and complimentary series equipped Charlotte’s employees with the essential tools to confront contemporary challenges head-on. Addressing issues related to morale, productivity, and management, the series garnered a staggering 828 registrations before the inaugural webinar, drawing representation from nearly every campus unit.

Among the elite cohort of 41 recipients of the Governor’s Award for Excellence, Wartham’s name shone brilliantly. This diverse assembly included exceptional individuals and teams from various state agencies. The award ceremony unfolded in all its grandeur on Tuesday, October 24, at the hallowed Museum of History in Raleigh.

The Governor’s Awards for Excellence, inaugurated in 1982, stand as a testament to acknowledge the outstanding contributions of state employees. These unsung heroes can be nominated in one of six distinguished categories, encompassing customer service, efficiency and innovation, human relations, outstanding government service, public service, and safety, and heroism.

It’s worth noting that Amy Wartham marks a significant milestone for UNC Charlotte, being the first recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence since 2016. Her dedication and tireless work have not only improved the university’s standing but have also enriched the lives of countless individuals in North Carolina.

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