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Charlotte Master’s Program In Counseling Praised Nationally

The accolades keep pouring in for UNC Charlotte’s counseling master’s program, which has been lauded by the Association of Counseling Education and Supervision with the prestigious Robert Frank Outstanding Counselor Education Program Award. This national recognition, bestowed annually to just one master’s and one doctoral program, cements the institution’s commitment to setting unparalleled standards in the field of counselor education.

At the heart of UNC Charlotte’s success is their unwavering dedication to student-centric teaching. According to Sejal Foxx, the Chair of the Department of Counseling, “We pride ourselves on approaching counselor training by putting students first. Faculty members understand the importance of that and consider the well-being of our individual students with as much care as we do crafting the lessons we share in the classroom.”

What sets UNC Charlotte’s counseling master’s program apart is its departure from the conventional cohort model of instruction. This innovative approach offers flexibility and diverse pathways to graduation for students juggling full-time jobs and family responsibilities. The program’s emphasis on data-driven admissions practices promotes diversity among its students, with 35% of master’s students hailing from racial and ethnic minority groups in 2022.

Moreover, the program’s unwavering commitment to multiculturalism in counseling shines through. It incorporates a dedicated course focused on multicultural skills into its curriculum, ensuring that students are well-prepared to serve a diverse clientele.

While the roots of Charlotte’s counseling master’s program go back more than half a century, it continues to evolve. Clare Merlin-Knoblich, the Graduate Program Director, notes, “It is exciting to see how the program continues to thrive, and our innovation comes from both faculty and students, who often challenge the status quo in meaningful ways.”

Notably, faculty members from the program have held influential positions in various counseling-related organizations, underscoring the institution’s leadership and commitment to advancing the field of counselor education and supervision.

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