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Davidson College Alvarez Scholar Develops Popular Horror Action Game

When Mišo Vukčević first set out to build his own video game, he knew almost nothing about coding, digital art or game development. Now, he leads the three-person studio that produced Bleak Faith: Forsaken, a horror, action role playing game (RPG) that has taken off online since its release in March. 

He got his start in a Davidson College classroom.

In Prof. Mark Sample’s digital narratives course, Vukčević veered from his architecture dreams and ventured into the uncharted waters of game development. For their final project, students built their own two-dimensional games inspired by the examples they’d studied that semester. Vukčević asked for Sample’s permission to build a 3D game instead. It would take many more hours of work and require software that neither of them knew how to use, but Sample agreed.

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