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Invest In The Future With Central Piedmont’s Money Smart Course

Are you ready to empower your financial future? Join us for this summer’s “Money Smart” course, designed to boost your financial literacy and skills.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Earning, Spending, and Borrowing

  • Introduction to financial basics, tax strategies for earners and contractors.
  • Overview of budgeting strategies, inflation, financial modeling, and credit building.
  • Discussion on financial management technology and real estate transactions.

Day 2: Saving and Investing

  • Exploration of saving and investment concepts, vehicle pros/cons, and account types.
  • Understanding of money movement methods and time-value of money.
  • Exploration of asset classes, investment vehicles, and asset allocation.

Day 3: Investment Management and Portfolio Construction

  • Introduction to public equities, stock analysis, and fixed income.
  • Overview of commodities, alternative assets, and portfolio construction.
  • Discussion of portfolio risks and investment management strategies.

Day 4: Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, and Planning for Risks, Death, and Taxes

  • Prioritization of financial needs at different life stages and insurance considerations.
  • Introduction to retirement planning, estate planning, and special tax situations.
  • Case studies covering a range of personal financial scenarios.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of personal financial management strategies from basic to intermediate levels.
  • Apply knowledge to real-world financial scenarios through interactive case studies.

Method of Instruction: Lecture, group work, discussions, and case studies. 

Evaluation: Based on participation in discussions, group work, and engagement in case studies

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