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JCSU Hosts Carolinas Agency Day Symposium

In a pioneering initiative, Johnson C. Smith University played host to a distinguished gathering of eleven senior executives and managers from over eight advertising agencies spanning the landscapes of North and South Carolina, marking the inception of the Carolinas Agency Day Symposium.

Dr. Nayyer Naseem, Assistant Professor of Marketing, expressed profound gratitude for the collaborative efforts that propelled the symposium to resounding success. “We look forward to sustained engagement with the advertising industry,” he said optimistically, emphasizing the prospect of nurturing meaningful connections between students and the esteemed professionals who graced the event.

Attended by more than 25 students majoring in diverse disciplines such as Marketing, Communications, Sports Marketing, and other business-related fields, the two-hour seminar provided a platform for insightful exchanges. Kaia Johnson ’24, a Communication Studies major from Oakland, lauded the experience for shedding light on the myriad opportunities her field of study presents. “The experience was eye-opening to what I want to do to further my career,” she remarked. “Speaking to them helped me find internships and job opportunities I could look into for my major, which is helpful since I am about to graduate.”

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from Jennifer Joyner, Director of the Smith Institute for Research, Career Development, and Postgraduate Readiness at JCSU. Joyner underscored the pivotal role of partnerships on campus, highlighting the collaborative efforts with the business department and the engagement of more than eight marketing and public relations firms from the Carolinas. “The Smith Institute is a game changer and pipeline for JCSU talent. We value productive partnership,” she remarked.

The session unfolded with self-introductions and a captivating video presentation spotlighting TV commercials crafted by leading marketing agencies in the Carolinas. The engagement between students and industry professionals was characterized as “enlightening,” with students eager to glean insights into the personal experiences, motivations, and professional challenges faced by these seasoned executives.

Discussions during the symposium delved into various facets of the advertising industry, offering intricate details about job profiles, entry-level opportunities, and internship programs provided by the participating agencies. This groundbreaking event stands testament to Johnson C. Smith University’s commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry, providing students with invaluable real-world insights and networking opportunities.

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