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JCSU Invests In Faculty Professional Development At Harvard Business School

The Johnson C. Smith University College of Business and Professional Studies has welcomed a cadre of new faculty members, signaling a concerted effort by Dr. Alphonso O. Ogbuehi, the college’s dean, to fortify the academic network within the institution. Driven by a commitment to fostering growth, Dr. Ogbuehi initiated a strategic plan to enrich the teaching skills of his team, starting with a transformative three-day Case Teaching Seminar at the Harvard Business School Publishing.

Reflecting on the seminar’s impact, Dr. Ogbuehi highlighted its role in enhancing faculty members’ teaching methodologies and introducing innovative approaches to case method instruction. The event featured renowned business educators from Harvard Business School, providing invaluable insights that promise to elevate the overall teaching experience for students enrolled in the College of Business and Professional Studies at JCSU.

Among the participants were esteemed educators such as Dr. Nayyer Naseem, Assistant Professor of Marketing; Dr. Abdullah Masum, Assistant Professor of Finance; Dr. Mohammed Hassan, Associate Professor of Finance; Dr. Bryan Patterson, Assistant Professor of Management; Dr. Abere Cassa, Assistant Professor of Management; and Dr. Maureen Leary, Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Accounting.

Dr. Naseem emphasized the significance of such opportunities, asserting that they contribute to the ongoing professional development of faculty members. He expressed optimism that the acquired knowledge, tools, and techniques would translate into an enriched educational experience for students, fostering effective knowledge transfer between instructors and their learners.

Dr. Patterson underscored the dynamic nature of education, stressing the importance of adopting an educator mindset for success. He highlighted the need for educators to stay abreast of the latest research, technology, and pedagogical approaches to incorporate effective strategies into their teaching methods, ultimately benefitting a diverse student body with varying learning styles.

The comprehensive training covered a spectrum of topics, including establishing learning contracts, developing discussion plans, case teaching methodologies, and strategies for student engagement. The overarching goal was to equip instructors with practical skills to use case studies as catalysts for meaningful discussions in their classrooms.

Expressing gratitude, Dr. Naseem acknowledged the initiative taken by JCSU and the college leadership, particularly Dr. Ogbuehi, for facilitating the seminar. He credited the experience with enhancing his instructional practices and emphasized the institution’s commitment to providing a high-quality education.

In a subsequent development, Dr. Ogbuehi orchestrated the participation of four faculty members and the college’s Accreditation and Assessment coordinator in the annual Business Accreditation Seminar organized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business Accreditation in Tampa, Fla. Drawing attendees from business schools globally, the seminar facilitated meaningful exchanges, presentations by distinguished academics, and the sharing of experiences among business faculty members.

Dr. Naseem, also a member of the accreditation task force, considered the experience invaluable. He highlighted its role as the initial step toward seeking institutional accreditation for the Business Programs through the AACSB, a prestigious certification body. While Johnson C. Smith University currently holds accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, obtaining AACSB accreditation would further distinguish the College of Business and Professional Studies as a premier institution for business education.

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