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JCSU Students Tour Bank of America Headquarters


Gratitude extends to Bank of America, which allowed students in the Johnson C. Smith University College of Business and Professional Studies (CBPS) to tour the bank’s headquarters in Charlotte on March 5.

The tour was the result of a collaboration with the North Carolina Banker’s Association (NCBA) and was facilitated by John Sullivan, the senior representative of NCBA. Thanks to the unwavering support of the CBPS leadership team, including Dr. Maureen Leary and Dr. Alphonso O. Ogbuehi, as well as the dedicated efforts of Dr. Mohammad Hassan and Dr. Abdullah-Al Masum, an online accreditation course titled “MGT-437 – Credit Essentials” by NCBA, has been seamlessly integrated into JCSU curriculum for the Spring semester of 2024. 

Sullivan serves as the course coordinator, and Hassan is the distinguished teaching faculty. Notably, this course has also been extended to other institutions, such as Livingstone College, with generous funding from NCBA. The course’s impact is underscored by the exceptional performance of JCSU students. All four enrolled students demonstrated outstanding achievement, scoring above the 99th percentile in the recently concluded, strictly proctored online mid-term exams. Such stellar results position JCSU Accounting and Finance major students for promising employment opportunities with more than 82 banks across the state of North Carolina, adding significant value to their academic journey.

As a testament to the collaborative efforts between Hassan and Sullivan, the Bank of America HR team and senior managers extended a warm invitation to JCSU students for an interaction and networking event on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, held at the Bank of America Headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. The event featured a comprehensive program, including a tour of the bank’s heritage center. A total of 12 students and five faculty members, including Hassan, Abdullah, Leary, Dr. Nayyer Naseem and Dr. Bryan Patterson, participated in this enriching experience. 

Sullivan played a pivotal role in coordinating the activities and providing valuable guidance throughout the event. The engagement included insightful presentations from a BOA senior manager, HR executives, rotational program interns and other senior employees who shared their experiences and success stories. They also shed light on potential internship and employment opportunities for JCSU students.

Gathered in the Founders Hall at the headquarters, students, adorned in professional attire, exhibited grace and professionalism in their interactions with the Bank of America staff, posing thoughtful questions that left a lasting impression. 

Following the engaging session, participants embarked on a captivating tour of the bank’s Heritage Center, where a 23-year Bank of America banking veteran provided an illuminating overview of the bank’s history. The Heritage Center showcased artifacts, including old banking equipment, currency notes, weights and measures, receipt printers and copper printing templates. The tour offered a fascinating glimpse into the bank’s evolution from its humble beginnings in the early 1920s to its exponential growth in the second half of the 20th century.

Each participant received a backpack and coffee tumbler, courtesy of Sullivan. The event concluded with a group photo, capturing the memorable moments of this enlightening experience. 

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