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Queens University Charlotte Honors Lowe’s And Ally Financial For Their Generosity

Queens University of Charlotte has recently extended a warm welcome to Ally Financial Inc. and Lowe’s Companies, Inc., as they gain an esteemed place within the university’s Ministrare Leadership Society. This exclusive group is reserved for the most generous patrons of the institution, a testament to their unwavering commitment to Queens’ transformative educational mission, each having contributed in excess of one million dollars.

The substantial financial investments from Ally Financial and Lowe’s have given rise to the Charlotte Talent Initiative (CTI). This groundbreaking program is designed to foster economic mobility for ambitious and gifted individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds. It also serves as a vital talent pipeline for regional employers, forging a pathway towards a brighter future for many.

CTI identifies and selects participants through a rigorous and competitive process. These exceptional students receive customized academic programs, career guidance, and comprehensive support, ensuring that they can fully unlock their potential, broaden their horizons, and, most importantly, embark on a journey towards economic prosperity.

In the words of University President Dan Lugo, “Ally Financial and Lowe’s didn’t just share our vision; they turned it into a reality. Their contributions not only jump-started CTI but also sent a powerful message to Charlotte, demonstrating that we, as a community, can be catalysts for social progress.”

The future of CTI looks bright, and Queens University anticipates further expansion of its partnerships with other businesses and organizations in the Charlotte community, perpetuating this virtuous cycle of support and growth.

Margi Vagell, Senior Vice President of Lowe’s Companies, Inc., graciously accepted the honor on behalf of the organization. Lowe’s pioneering $2.5 million investment marked the inception of CTI, supporting two cohorts in retail management, and contributing to the blossoming careers of students.

Jeff Brown, CEO of Ally Financial Inc., shared this honor and committed $2 million to CTI, with a particular focus on expanding the field of data analytics. The CTI students wholeheartedly expressed their gratitude, attesting to the profoundly positive impact of these contributions.

Skyler McNeely, an international studies major, noted, “Being part of the first CTI cohort has had a tremendously positive impact on my educational experiences and pursuit of my goals. CTI has provided me with the opportunity to attend a great university, while also providing me with the opportunity to meet like-minded, hard-working students.”

The legacy of Ally Financial and Lowe’s now adorns the permanent donor wall in Queens Hall, a testament to their dedication. As President Lugo aptly put it, “If we have thought bigger, dreamed bolder, and reached higher, it is because of their impact.” These two entities have undeniably become integral partners in shaping the brighter future of Queens University and the Charlotte community.

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