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Queens University Charlotte Takes First Place At Ethics Bowl—Again

In a stunning display of critical thinking and ethical analysis, Queens University of Charlotte clinched the top spot for the second year in a row at the North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities (NCICU) Ethics Bowl. The event, held at the prestigious North Carolina Legislative Complex in Raleigh this February, showcased the best of collegiate intellectual competition with Queens University emerging victorious over Montreat College in a nail-biting final round.

This year’s challenge revolved around the increasingly pertinent themes of “Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity,” a topic that required participants to delve into the complex moral implications of our rapidly evolving digital world. Teams from 18 NCICU institutions put their analytical skills to the test, debating cases that navigated the murky waters of AI and cybersecurity ethics.

Dan Lugo, the president of Queens University, couldn’t hide his pride and admiration for the team’s accomplishment. “Witnessing our team perform and compete at the 13th Annual Ethics Bowl was truly inspiring,” Lugo remarked. “We are incredibly proud of them, and the entire Queens Community celebrates their NCICU Championship victory!”

Hope Williams, President of NCICU, commended the high caliber of competition this year. “This year’s teams were exceptional,” she observed, highlighting the rigorous preparation and compelling presentations that characterized the event. Williams also pointed out the invaluable experience gained through participation: “By participating in the Ethics Bowl, students learn research and presentation skills that will serve them well in their careers,” she said, underscoring the practical benefits of the competition.

The event also served as a networking goldmine, with over 70 professionals from a diverse range of fields volunteering as judges or moderators. This interaction not only enriched the competition but also opened doors for future opportunities for the participants.

Keynote speaker Clark Dudek, a renowned Triangle entrepreneur and AI expert, touched on the societal impacts of emerging technologies. Addressing the apprehensions surrounding AI, Dudek offered reassurance and optimism: “AI is new and may be scary,” he acknowledged. “But we are working on how to connect with this new tool and learn how it can complement the rest of our tools.”

As Queens University celebrates its consecutive victory, the NCICU Ethics Bowl continues to underscore the importance of ethical deliberation in the face of technological advancement, preparing a new generation of thinkers to navigate the ethical dilemmas of the future with wisdom and integrity.

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