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UNC Charlotte Secures Prestigious Spot in Princeton Review’s “Guide To Green Colleges”

In a resounding testament to its unwavering commitment to sustainability, UNC Charlotte has once again earned a coveted spot in the Princeton Review’s “Guide to Green Colleges” for 2024. This annual compendium serves as a beacon, spotlighting academic institutions that distinguish themselves through robust sustainability policies, practices, and programs. The 2024 edition showcases UNC Charlotte among the esteemed 522 colleges listed, marking it as a trailblazer in the realm of environmental consciousness.

Unlike conventional rankings, this compilation remains unranked, drawing its strength from meticulous reporting by university administrators. The criterion spans the spectrum of sustainability-related facets, encompassing academic offerings, campus initiatives, policies, practices, and incentives geared towards preparing students for careers in environmentally conscious professions.

University Sustainability Officer Mike Lizotte expressed the significance of this recognition, affirming, “Inclusion in the Princeton Review’s ‘Guide to Green Colleges’ tells potential students and their parents that Charlotte is a healthy, clean, and responsible university committed to a sustainable future.”

Princeton Review’s insightful studies underscore the growing influence of environmental considerations in the minds of prospective college applicants. A staggering 69% of the 8,800 surveyed in 2023 attested that a college’s environmental commitment would significantly impact their school selection process.

The Princeton Review, renowned for providing Green Rating scores, reserves inclusion in its guidebook for institutions scoring 80 or higher. UNC Charlotte’s impressive score of 92 reflects its dedication, featuring prominently for its sustainability staff and committees, diverse degree programs, transportation alternatives, and the public disclosure of a comprehensive greenhouse gas inventory.

Aligned with its vision for the future, UNC Charlotte’s 10-year strategic plan, “Shaping What’s Next,” unveiled in 2021, articulates a clear mission of establishing the university as a national leader in sustainability. The Office of Sustainability plays a pivotal role, fostering collaboration among faculty, staff, and students to measure progress, propose solutions, and initiate changes that contribute to the environmental, social, and financial dimensions of sustainability.

For those seeking more information or eager to delve into the university’s sustainability initiatives, Mike Lizotte, the university sustainability officer, is available for inquiries and presentations on campus sustainability programs.

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