UNC COVID Expert Explains Why We Need To Keep Masking

In an interview with The News&Observer, Dr. David Alain Wohl, a professor at the Institute of Global Health and Infectious Diseases at UNC-Chapel Hill, was asked, due to the prolific proliferation of COVID’s B.A. 5 subvariant of omicron, should we, including the vaccinated and boosted, be wearing masks? Wohl replied, “Yes, we should still be masking in spaces where exposure to the virus remains high, such as indoors with people outside our bubble, to avoid becoming infected.”

“Studies continue to demonstrate the protection from infection provided by masking, including this review of the data that found the probability of contracting COVID-19 to be substantially lower for mask wearers compared to non-mask wearers.”

According to The News&Observer, “Wohl said that masking is important because while vaccines continue to provide some protection from infection, this protection is not as strong as it was for the earlier versions of the variant.”