UNCC Researchers And Gaston County DHHS Create The Gaston Water Map

UNC Charlotte researchers and the Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services have created the Gaston Water Map, a website with tools that map known groundwater quality in the county. The site also provides resources on best practices households can use to understand their well water quality.

The website provides an easy way to learn about groundwater quality through maps and rich visualization specific to contextualized information and analytics regarding groundwater quality from private wells.

“Very few residents do frequent testing for water contamination, in large part because they are not aware of the need and because of the cost,” said UNC Charlotte’s project leader Éric Delmelle, a faculty member in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences. “By essentially crowdsourcing the data, the residents can access time-sensitive groundwater risk maps and other information to protect themselves and their communities.”