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Central Piedmont Announces Transition To Microsoft 365 Complete

Central Piedmont Community College announces that 100% of student mailboxes and Drive data have successfully migrated from Google Suite to Microsoft 365.

  • New Email: All student mailboxes are now on Outlook.
  • Drive Data: Your Google Drive data is fully accessible in your new Microsoft 365 account. If you’re new to navigating M365, check out these Microsoft 365 Tools and Applications.
  • Resources: We have answered lots of your frequently asked questions and put the most requested knowledgebase articles in one place.
  • Learn More: Enhance your Microsoft skills on LinkedIn Learning

Support: Need help? Contact the Service Desk for technical assistance.

  • Please note that due to record-high call volume, the ITS Service Desk call queue has become saturated. Callers fill up the queue with callback requests each day, then create new callback requests before their place in line has come. The Service Desk starts the day with an unsustainable number of callback requests in the queue.
  • To prevent the queue from growing each day, ITS is going to implement the following temporary changes to the call queue starting May 21:
    • Stop accepting calls at 4 p.m. each day.
    • Purge a call waiting in the queue after four hours.
  • It is understood these changes may prevent somebody from getting through to the service desk by phone. The current recommendation is to browse the Service Desk client portal and review the knowledge base to find an answer to your question. If you cannot find the answer, then review our service catalog to start a ticket. Getting a ticket started will speed up the process of getting service from ITS.

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