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Joseph Kameen’s “In Plain Sight” Plays At Central Piedmont Community College

In the Dove Gallery at Central Piedmont Central Campus, Parr Center, Joseph Kameen’s body of work explores a moment in time, either right before or immediately after an event happens. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary as each painting suggests a specific reflection, thought or memory. Simple moments such as squeezing a lemon, pushing a stalled car, or looking into one room while standing in another all impart relatable moments and affect each one individually.

“In my paintings, I am interested in the ways that routine events play a role in my self-awareness and identity. Memories of benign objects, actions, and spaces—devoid of meaning on their own—can become entangled with the larger concerns that dominated my thoughts at that time. In my work, I depict everyday moments seen through this lens; dramatized and amplified as I project my internal experiences onto my surroundings.” – Joseph Kameen

From March 13 – May 11.

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