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Report Reveals Queens University Charlotte Grads Are More Successful

In a remarkable demonstration of the effectiveness of its career development programs, Queens University of Charlotte’s latest First Destination Report unveils the successful paths its graduates are taking post-graduation. The report, meticulously compiled by the Vandiver Center for Career Development (VCCD), shines a light on the outcomes for the Class of 2023, emphasizing the university’s pivotal role in preparing students for significant career milestones.

  • A whopping 97% of graduates are currently employed, pursuing further education, engaged in internships, or contributing to service organizations.
  • Within just six months of leaving Queens, 95% of graduates have found employment, showcasing the high demand for the skills and knowledge they possess.
  • An impressive 88% of these graduates feel well-prepared for their careers, a testament to the university’s comprehensive curriculum and career development initiatives.
  • Furthermore, 96% have secured positions that align with their long-term career aspirations, highlighting the effective bridge Queens provides between academic study and professional success.

Angela Tsuei-Strause, executive director of the VCCD, expressed immense pride in the graduates’ achievements, stating, “We are incredibly proud of our graduates’ successes. These results are a testament to the dedication of our faculty and staff, who work collaboratively to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of the professional world while providing a pathway to career opportunities.”

The VCCD plays a crucial role in these success stories, offering specialized career coaching, assistance with the internship and job search process, graduate school planning, and organizing regular employment recruiting events.

The report further explores the diverse industries where Queens’ graduates are making their mark, including business, healthcare, finance, technology, and education. Thanks to a professional development curriculum enriched by industry leaders from notable companies, students receive firsthand insights into workplace and recruiting trends.

Dr. Iain McKillop, director of research at Atrium Health, praised the quality of Queens’ students, saying, “I am impressed with the high caliber of Queens students. It’s hard to make hiring decisions because there are so many excellent candidates. Queens prepares these students well and it shows.”

Beyond graduation, Queens’ commitment to its alumni continues, offering lifelong access to the VCCD’s resources at no cost. This enduring support ensures graduates remain connected to a valuable network, aiding their professional journeys well into the future.

Anthony Ort ’23, a registered nurse at Atrium Health and a proud Queens alum, shared his experience: “Queens is a place that allowed me to grow as a person and future nurse. The professors truly met my needs as a student and helped me achieve my goals. They were always willing to help me gain a better perspective on patient care and evidence-based practice.”

For more insights into the successful outcomes of Queens’ graduates or to explore the comprehensive career services offered by the Vandiver Center for Career Development, interested individuals are encouraged to visit their website.

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