UNC Charlotte Student Chosen For Prestigious Graduate Fellowship

UNC Charlotte senior Betsabe Rojas Gonzalez is one of the first UNC Charlotte students or alumni ever chosen for the highly competitive Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Program graduate fellowship. Fellows receive up to $84,000 for two years of graduate studies, internships, and other professional development opportunities and have the opportunity to work as a U.S. Foreign Service officer. “Betsabe’s desire to pursue a career in public service was evident literally from her first day on our campus,” says economics Professor Ted Amato. “She communicated to me upon her arrival that her attraction to the economics major was driven by a very strong – most would say passionate – desire to become a change agent. “Before even officially meeting Betsabe, her confidence, conviction, and servant leadership were apparent, as evidenced by her research on domestic violence among migrant populations,” says Natasha W. Randle, clinical professor of management. “I knew immediately that there was something special about her and her academic achievement and leadership potential and abilities.”