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Under President Valerie Kinloch, JCSU Receives $25 Million

In a landmark announcement last week that underscored its commitment to higher education and its own centennial celebrations, The Duke Endowment unveiled a massive $175 million gift earmarked for the four colleges and universities specifically named in the Duke Indenture of Trust. Among the beneficiaries is Johnson C. Smith University, which is celebrating a significant $25 million boost. Davidson College and Furman University are also recipients of $25 million each, while Duke University received a centennial gift of $100 million shared last November.

Johnson C. Smith University’s President, Valerie Kinloch, welcomed the gift with open arms, emphasizing the impact this would have on the university’s mission and its students. “As Johnson C. Smith continues to serve as a critical higher education partner to Charlotte and surrounding areas, its work with the Mayor’s Racial Equity Initiative is vital,” she stated. Kinloch further highlighted the alignment between the university’s goals and the Endowment’s support, which is geared towards enriching the academic and extracurricular experiences of its students, enabling them to flourish.

This generous act is part of The Duke Endowment’s year-long centennial celebration, which will culminate on December 11, 2024. It marks a continuation of the Endowment’s longstanding tradition of supporting educational institutions and initiatives, a commitment that has profoundly impacted Johnson C. Smith University and its community over the years.

Reflecting on the history of contributions, it’s evident that The Duke Endowment has been a pivotal force in the university’s growth. From a $5.7 million donation in 2009 to a record $35 million grant in 2011 during the university’s $150 Million Tomorrow Campaign, and a $40 million pledge in 2021 to bolster racial equity and inclusion efforts, The Duke Endowment has invested over $158 million in Johnson C. Smith University since January 2000.

These contributions have facilitated significant advancements at JCSU, including scholarships, STEM programs, and infrastructure improvements, thereby earning The Duke Endowment recognition at the university’s Arch of Triumph Gala.

As Johnson C. Smith University looks forward to celebrating more stories of gratitude and transformation made possible by The Duke Endowment’s century of support, President Kinloch encapsulates the sentiment of the entire JCSU community. “With the continued support of The Duke Endowment, Johnson C. Smith University is better positioned to meet its goals of preparing students to be critical, engaged, and prepared global citizens who positively impact the world,” she expressed. Kinloch’s gratitude underscores the profound appreciation for The Duke Endowment’s “investment into JCSU and for their belief in our ‘New Era of Excellence.'”

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