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Cancer Treatment Antibody Invented At UNC Charlotte

An antibody that was invented at UNC Charlotte could be used to curb pancreatic cancer relapse and metastasis, a new UNC Charlotte study has found.

Pancreatic cancer is particularly cruel  — and deadly. While it is the 10th most common type  of cancer, it is the fourth leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the U.S., reflecting its bleak survival rate.

UNC Charlotte researchers are among those leading the search for solutions, including the new research by Mukulika Bose ’22 Ph.D. and collaborators, including Bose’s mentor Pinku Mukherjee, published in the journal Translational Research.

Bose’s groundbreaking research studies TAB004, a patented antibody generated by Mukherjee, who is the Irwin Belk Endowed Professor of Cancer Research and a study co-author.

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