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Charlotte School of Architecture Professor Presenting At The SoA Colloquium Series 

The SoA Colloquium Series consists of informal presentations by School of Architecture faculty members occurring in parallel with the 2022-2023 lecture series “Curated Urbanisms in a Drawdown.” Faculty will share recently completed and/or in-process work related to the themes of climate, cities, and society, followed by an open conversation.

Mona Azarbayjani is an Associate Professor at the Integrated Design Labs, Energy Performance Laboratory of the UNC Charlotte School of Architecture, where she is currently teaching comprehensive studios, core building technology courses, energy modeling, and interactive envelope seminars. Her focus in research is on the energy performance of buildings, the study of thermal comfort with new technologies, and climate-responsive building design.

April 21, 2023 – 12:30 PM in the Charles C. Hight Architecture Library in Storrs Hall.

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