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Pfeiffer University Criminal Justice Major Wins NCSA Scholarship

Pfeiffer senior Madison Lowery ’24 has been selected as one of the recipients of the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) Criminal Justice Scholarship. Every year the NCSA awards 38 scholarships to students who are majoring in criminal justice and studying at a UNC System University or a North Carolina Independent College or University. Students are required to obtain a letter of support from the sheriff of their home-county, as well as write a one-page essay explaining their interest in the scholarship and detailing their educational and career goals.

“Being in school has deepened my reason for wanting to become a police officer because I have become more educated about our society. Seeing all the corruption around us in the world doesn’t settle with me, and if I can’t change it, I can at least challenge it,” says Lowery.

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